Vihart on internet comments.


Oh this is brilliant. Manic Pixie Prostitute.

On the latest episode of A Show, pause at 1:10 and look at the jacket at HD full screen…you can see my journal page contribution! It’s a sketch I made of Daniel while we were waiting at the airport over the summer!! NEEEEAT

The Scrap Exchange hosted a “Smashfest” on Black Friday - give this excellent nonprofit money and you could smash ugly ceramics. Fit pits, a reel to reel projector, and a local metal band were involved. There was free PBR. I let all the cool kids have the PBR.

Best thing to do with my money on Black Friday!

Today was crappy.

Let it load, watch it, press 7. EXHALE.

Glitter, fire, Gallagher, super slow motion video.

Quite good, actually

If your day has been crappy, it’s now better. If you’ve had a good day, it’s now the BEST day.

I loved being at SPX this year.


I missed the first ever Escapist Expo held the same weekend! Daniel was on a few panels and play tested his current card game.

Apparently, the guy in the green shirt in the video above had a boom box strapped to his backside and had Gangnam Style playing ALL THE TIME. Instant party. Great idea, guy!

Next year, I hope these two cons don’t intersect. I want to go to both! And…uh…I can walk to the Escapist Expo from our apartment. So that’s a huge win.

I love it when people love their work.

(hang on until about 1:15)

Well, here’s an incredibly thorough post on charcoal rendering.