Sloppiest, fastest drawing after a really busy day!

I remember the first time my mother and I worked really hard on a costume, only to have nearly no one know who I was supposed to be.

My grandpa had given me a rubber Marvin the Martian mask on my birthday. What better thing to be on Halloween than a trigger happy alien? I was 10 I and so proud we figured out how to make a big styrofoam ‘skirt’ that defied gravity. It involved a lot of wires, hot glue, and trial-and-error-engineering. I could not sit in the car, I think I probably rode around on the downed tailgate of the pickup truck.

At that time, we lived in a little town made up primarily of retirees. They were not versed in lesser-known Looney Toons characters. I didn’t let it get me down, though!